1. Consultation

Whether you already know what you are looking for, or perhaps have a loose stone and a vague notion of what you like, our designers are able to help. One of our artists will sit down and help you refine your ideas. We encourage our clients to bring in any sketches or items that inspire them

2. CAD/3D Model

Once we have a direction we often build a 3D model using our state of the art CAD software. This is an exciting process as we often do this with you and the piece takes on life and shape right before your eyes. From the CAD model we generate a realistic photo to help you visualize the final piece.


3. Wax Mold

We then build an actual “wax” model on either our 3D printer, CNC milling machine or some designs are still best done by hand carving. This gives us options that no one in the area can match. While this cannot be done while you wait, we often set up a follow-up viewing to confirm the final design.

4. Finished Piece

Once you approve the wax model the piece is cast in your desired metal. We work in all gold alloys, silver and platinum. In fact, we are the only jewelry studio in th Omaha area that is able to cast platinum. After the casting is complete our skilled craftsman sets the stones and finishes your piece.